Established in 1996, the USM-Palestine is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit membership-based organization dedicated to promoting the goals and protecting the needs of the Palestinian stone and marble producers. The USM has been the leading representative of the industry members since its establishment, currently we have 3 regional offices in Hebron , Nablus and Jenin, while the headquarters is located in Bethlehem.
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At USM we believe in partnership, this is why our mission is to create a network between all actors of the stone and marble industry, both local and global, governmental and commercial, but strong enough so it benefits every member.
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As a company owner we know that you might be confronted to some difficulties. USM is here to help you enter growing markets, acquire new equipments, and deal with government.
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Representing more than 500 companies, USM is the biggest organization of the stone and marble industry in Palestine. Focusing on emerging markets, technology and education, USM is definitely the best partner for you.


Since its very beginning we've seen USM as a partnership, not only between members themselves but also with governments and companies. Today USM consist in a network of more than 500 actors The USM assists its members continually in all aspects which could develop and promote the industry, by building strong relationships with governmental and non-governmental institutions at the local and global level in order to implement the programs and the multiple and diverse services for the advancement of the industry and in order to make it a globally competitive one through attracting foreign investments and also through meeting the requirements needed for the development of this sector.